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REW Music Homeschool Band & Orchestra

Who: All Homeschooled Students!
         Ages 10-18 years old
What: Band, Orchestra, Jazz, and Guitar
         From Beginners to Advanced
When: Tuesday - Band
           Thursday - Orchestra
Where: REW Music
            12842 W 87th St. 
            Lenexa, KS
Cost: $30 One-time Enrollment Fee/Student (new students only)

         # Classes/Family      Paid After Early Pay   Paid Full by July 9th
                        1                            $190                            $170
                        2                            $340                            $300
                        3+                          $510                            $450


NOW ENROLLING… the REW Music Homeschool Band and Orchestra of Greater Kansas City! Classes start August - Fall Semester and January - Spring Semester for students ages 10-18. God gave us all the ability to praise him through music in one way or another. What better way than to make a joyful sound through instruments while fellowshipping with others. Jacki Woeppel, the founder and director, has been working with students for over 35 years to bring the rewarding world of music to life. Thinking outside the box, she has been able to get the students to feel and enjoy the process of making music while achieving top marks. This Homeschool Band and Orchestra is full of energy, excitement and employs techniques that allow the students to succeed and have fun learning the valuable art of making music. Students with musical training are known to perform significantly higher in all areas of academics. The camaraderie of the REW Music Homeschool Band and Orchestra will assist in positive self expression, self confidence, discipline and creativity from learning to play a musical instrument. Flute, Clarinet, Trumpet, Trombone, Percussion, Violin, Viola, Cello, Guitar, you choose… There is no limit to what you can achieve! Contact REW Music to see how you can join the journey to learning a musical instrument. Be sure to enroll early to guarantee your spot! For more information call 913-894-4349 or e-mail rewhomeschool@sbcglobal.net.


Budding Musicians - Music N' Me (6-7 yrs old)

Music n’ Me is an engaging and creative class for our younger budding musicians. Come get hands-on musical experience as we refine our rhythm skills and introduce the magical world of what makes music. Through an encouraging and interactive environment, students will build vocabulary, build foreign language skills, engage in musical math, develop a foundation in rhythm, improve coordination by moving to music, and participate as part of a group.

Ages: Music N' Me is open to early elementary ages students (ages 6-7 years old)

Wednesday 11:00am-11:45am
Semester: 8/31/16 - 11/16/16
Location: Lenexa Store

Fee: $110 per student/semester

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Budding Musicians - Music Maestros: UKULELE (8yrs & up)

Music Maestros is a preparatory class for our budding musicians preparing to graduate to Band or Orchestra or just further their music education experience. Through hands-on interaction we will build on existing rhythmic skills, explore music reading, and dive into pitched instrument experimentation with the use of ukuleles. We’ll also build foreign language skills, engage in musical math, and learn to play as a group!

Ages: Music N' Me is open to elementary age students (ages 8 yrs & up)

Wednesday 10:00am-10:45am
Semester: 8/31/16 - 11/16/16
Location: Lenexa Store

Fee: $110 per student/semester
*Note: Student needs to provide Ukulele and purchase method book. We have them available for a reduced price.

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