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REW Music Homeschool Band & Orchestra

Who: All Homeschooled Students!
         Ages 10-18 years old
What: Band, Orchestra, Jazz, and Guitar
         From Beginners to Advanced
When: Band, Orchestra & Jazz - Tuesdays
         Guitar - Thursdays
         Fall Classes Begins Jan 27th & 29th
         Concert will be May 9th
Where: REW Music
            1080 W. Santa Fe 
            Olathe, KS
Cost: $20 One-time Enrollment Fee/Student                (new students only)

         # Classes/Family      Paid After Aug 12      Paid Full by Aug 12
                        1                            $160                            $140
                        2                            $280                            $240
                        3                            $420                            $360
                        4                            $420                            $360
                        etc                         $420                            $360


NOW ENROLLING… the REW Music Homeschool Band and Orchestra of Greater Kansas City! Classes start January 28th & 30th for students ages 10-18. God gave us all the ability to praise him through music in one way or another. What better way than to make a joyful sound through instruments while fellowshipping with others. The directors, Bob and Jacki Woeppel, have been working with students for over 35 years to bring the rewarding world of music to life. Thinking outside the box, they have been able to get the students to feel and enjoy the process of making music while achieving top marks at state contests and festivals. This Homeschool Band and Orchestra will be full of energy, excitement and employ techniques that will allow the students to succeed and have fun learning the valuable art of making music. Students with musical training are known to perform significantly higher in all areas of academics. The camaraderie of the REW Music Homeschool Band and Orchestra will assist in positive self expression, self confidence, discipline and creativity from learning to play a musical instrument. Flute, Clarinet, Trumpet, Trombone, Percussion, Violin, Viola, Cello, Guitar, you choose… There is no limit to what you can achieve! Contact REW Music to see how you can join the journey to learning a musical instrument. Be sure to enroll early to guarantee your spot! For more information call 913-894-4349 or e-mail rewhomeschool@sbcglobal.net.