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Music is the most diverse language in the world.  Expand your music education with our various groups, classes and clinics we offer. Enhance your private lesson experience or just join us for some fun group jam. There are several opportunities to participate in special groups, clinics, classes and camps through the year. We offer some of the most comprehensive, energetic and engaging  Labs through the school year and Classes and Camps for Summer in the Kansas City area!

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Summer Series: Exploring Instruments Camp

Get a head start! Spend quality time playing on each instrument to get a real feel for what they are like! Students will spend one day each playing the Flute, Clarinet, Trumpet, Trombone & a String Instrument. This event is open to students who will join band or orchestra for the 1st time in the fall.

Sessions and Times
June 5th - 9th (enroll by June 1st)
   LENEXA Location
       Session I       9:00am - 10:00am
       Session II      10:30am - 11:30am

   OLATHE Location
       Session III     4:00pm - 5:00pm
       Session IV     5:30pm - 6:30pm

July 31st-Aug 4th (enroll by July 27th)
   OLATHE Location
       Session V    9:00am - 10:00am
       Session VI   10:30am - 11:30am

   LENEXA Location
       Session VII      4:00pm - 5:00pm
       Session VIII     5:30pm - 6:30pm

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               Fee: $20

Summer Series: Beginning Band

Students, get a jump on joining band in the fall! We are going to dive right in with an interactive, hands-on learning experience to start learning the basics of how to play your instrument.

Dates: June 13- July 25
            Classes meet once weekly for 50 min.
Times: Tuesdays 9am or 7pm

      Beginning Band will meet at our Lenexa location.

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               Fee: FREE if you rent your instrument from us.   If not, $50
                       See store for details
NOTE: If you did not register for this class when you rented your instrument you can call to register over the phone to avoid being charged for the class.

Summer Series: PlayOn - Summer Band & Orchestra

It's not time to put away that instrument! We are going to keep those skills fresh through the summer by playing fun songs and continuing working toward music awesomeness.

Students who have played for 1-2 years (going into 6th or 7th Grade)

Dates: June 13- July 25
            Classes meet once weekly for 60 min.
Times: Tuesdays 1pm
      PlayOn will meet at our Lenexa location.

class sign up       

               Fee: $80

Summer Series: Rock Improv

There is no such thing as a mistake here! Warm up those fingers and prepare to explore the freedom of making music through rock improv. Orchestra students encouraged to join!

Dates: July 17-21
Times: Daily 10:00am - 12:00pm
            Jam Session July 21st at 6:00pm
      Rock Improv will meet at our Lenexa location.

class sign up       

               Fee: $80

Summer Series: Ukulele

There is something about the Ukulele that just makes you smile! This class will cover skills from the beginning and have you playing in no time! Open to children and adults. You will need a Ukulele for this class.

Dates: June 14 - July 26
            Classes meet once weekly for 60 min.
Times: Wednesdays 7:00pm - 8:00pm
      Ukulele will meet at our Lenexa location.

class sign up       

               Fee: $80 plus book

FREE Getting Started Clinic

This FREE clinic is an excellent opportunity for your beginning band or orchestra student to get more attention with an instrument specialist! In each clinic, we will work with your student on how to get a proper sound, correct playing posture, how to clean, how to disassemble, and how to reassemble their instruments. Be sure to bring your instrument and your cleaning kit!

               Fee: FREE

                Watch for August 2017 dates coming soon!


REW Festival

Open to ALL Students, ALL Abilities, ALL Instruments
Date: Saturday, March 4th
Location: Lenexa
Who: Open to ALL students
How to Sign Up: At the front counter or call
Registration Deadline: Feb 18th

--What is the REW Festival? The REW Festival is a wonderful opportunity for beginner through advanced students to gain experience performing and receive feedback from one of KC's most respected music educators, Doug Talley!
--What happend at the Festival? At their designated performance time, each student will perform their song (again, it can be as simple as Hot Cross Buns or as complex as a district/state solo/ensemble selection). The clinician will make notes and comments regarding their performance and then take a few minutes to provide feedback and work with the student in a clinic type setting. When they are done, each student will receive a certificate and ribbon.
--Who is the 2017 Clinician?We are thrilled to announce that Doug Talley will be our clinician for the 2017 festival!

               SIGN UP: in store or over the phone

Lesson Labs

We invite all students whether enrolled in private lessons or not to sign up for a Lab of their choosing for the winter semester. Remember, students already enrolled in the REW School of Music get to sign up for FREE! Students who are not enrolled in REW private lessons can participate for a nominal fee.

WINTER 2017 LAB SCHEDULE... check back often as we add labs throughout the semester.


ROCK BAND - LENEXA - Wednesdays | 2/15 - 3/8 | 6:30 - 7:20pm
     Your rock band is calling! Begin your musical stardom by joining our rock band. Meet others interested in starting their own garage or basemenet band. Play famous rocking songs together, then create your own!
     This lab is open to all students (beginner-advanced) no matter what instrument you play.

               Fee: FREE for current REW Students
                       $40/student not already enrolled at REW

               SIGN UP: in store or over the phone


PERFORMANCE PRACTICE LAB - LENEXA - 2/25, 3/25, 4/29 | 1:00pm
     Are you nervous about performing? Are you preparing for a performance? Do you want more experience performing? It is simple... the more often you play in front of an audience, the easier it becomes. Come play in front of a small audience of musicians of all levels in a no-pressure environment. Learn strategies of a successful performance. You will have a chance to receive positive feedback and advice from the other participants. Come learn what makes a great performance and learn to listen critically to other musicians. OPEN TO ALL INSTRUMENTS, ALL LEVELS.
     This lab is open to all students (beginner-advanced) no matter what instrument you play.

               Fee: FREE for current REW Students
                       $10/student per session not already enrolled at REW

               SIGN UP: in store or over the phone