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Teacher Tips
Our super team of private teachers has created short Tips and Tricks videos to help students at all levels improve instrument technique and practicing skills! Scroll for specific tips for Woodwinds, Brass, Percussion, Strings, Jazz, & even Drumline. Keep checking back for new videos!



Why YOU should practice slowly!

Different Tips for Practicing Music

Various ways to practice with a metronome

Fun Articulation Exercise

8th & 16th Notes


Clarinet: Mystery of the Little Keys, Part 1

Clarinet: Mystery of the Little Keys, Part 2

Beginning Saxophone: How to get a Better Sound

Intermediate Saxophone: Practicing on your Mouthpiece

Advanced Saxophone: Practicing on the Mouthpiece

Vibrato for Bassoon


How to Not Frack a Note: Part 1

How to Not Frack a Note: Part 2

How to Buzz on Tuba

How to Buzz like a Pro

How to Warm Up Efficiently

Deep Breathing Exercises

Long Tones

Horn: Stopped Sound


Conga Playing, Part 1: Basic Technique

Conga Playing, Part 2: MORE Techniques

Conga Playing, Part 3: Basic Conga Patterns

Simple DIY for Instruments at Home

How to Practice at Home (without an instrument)


Bow Hold Tips for Violin & Viola

Shifting on Violin & Viola

Doubles on Violin & Viola

Cello: How to play relaxed


ii-V-I Jazz Tip

Improvisation on 'A Minor' Tonic


How to Play Legato Strokes

How to Play 8 on a Hand

The Right Way to Play Accents & Taps

Double Stroke Technique & Exercises

Triple Stroke Exercises & Technique