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REW Music is the trusted source for getting your students started right so they can have the most success in their musical journey. We have been getting students started for close to 40 years with reputable school approved brands from quality manufacturers. 

It is an exciting time when your student is ready to begin his or her musical journey!  Our long standing reputation in providing quality band and orchestra instruments is rooted in our love for music education and the desire for students to succeed. There are many choices out there when choosing where to rent your band or orchestra instrument and that might leave you feeling confused. Our team takes pride in providing personal and individual attention to each family as you begin your musical journey. 

You might be asking….
Should I rent or buy?
What exactly do we need? 
Where do we start?


Instrument Rental Program
Music education is our #1 priority! We meet or exceed school recommendations to ensure that we have put together a comprehensive rental package, giving you the peace of mind that you are getting top quality instruments and accessories at the best possible value.

Renting an instrument from REW Music is easy! We offer a month–to-month instrument rental program with 100% rental credit that applies toward instrument purchase and we do NOT charge interest! *You have the option to return at any time. See instrument rental agreement or an REW Team member for details.

Rent-to-own with trade in options
NO interest
NO balloon payments
No Minimum Rental Period
Option to buy at any time
Major credit card gives instant credit
30% Discount off remaining balance when purchased at any time during the rental period
Monthly maintenance fee (already included in all quoted rental prices) covers all normal wear and tear
Name brand, school approved instruments and accessories
New and used instruments (know what you are paying for... some stores offer used instruments at new prices. When getting a used instrument find out how used it is.)
Complete in-store repair service
FREE Getting started clinics
Every instrument comes with all the essentials for playing

We will NOT tell you that you need to buy a better instrument next year. Our rental instruments are top quality and will allow your student to achieve their potential success until they are truly ready for a step-up or professional level instrument.


What is included in the monthly cost?
All of our rental instruments at REW Music come with the following items included in the monthly rental fee:

  • Properly fitted case
  • Basic accessories necessary to keep your instrument in proper working condition.
  • Monthly maintenance fee is INCLUDED in the rental price that we quote you.

  • NOTE: Tax is NOT included in the rental price.

From time to time your instrument may need some adjustments. We offer a professional, full–service, in-house repair facility. As part of your rental package we will take care of all normal wear and tear repairs for you at no additional charge.

Are there extra or additional costs?
There are many things you can do to help your child succeed in music other than just pay the rent.
Book - Your student will also need the book your school band or orchestra is using.
Music Stand - The teachers typically require that each student have a music stand. They will need this to properly practice at home and might also need it for a concert or two throughout the year.
Care Kit - Investing in a Care Kit made especially for your child's instrument to help keep the instrument clean and working well, saving in repair costs later.
Reeds (for Clarinet and Saxophone players) - Although our clarinets and saxophones come with 1 reed, parents of clarinet and saxophone players should expect to buy reeds quite often for the first couple months, until your student learns how to take care of their reeds. Once your student has mastered the art of taking care of his/her reeds each reed should last about a month, but no longer. We recommend always having 3-4 good reeds in the case to rotate playing on a different reed each day.
Lessons (optional) - The last (and perhaps best) way to further invest in your child's music education is to enroll in private lessons. For more information on lessons, visit our lessons page.

FREE Getting Started Clinics

Sign up for a Getting Started Clinic session HERE

Another great way to give your child a head start is to come to our FREE Getting Started Clinics which are offered only through REW Music. In the clinics we work with groups of like instruments to teach the students AND parents how to properly disassemble the instrument, clean it, put it back to together, and make the first sounds. Your students band or orchestra teacher loves when their students participate in these free clinics by allowing them to progress faster when they get to class. 

Check out the Value Equity Program we offer...
We all want our students to be the most successful they can be and continue with their commitment to playing their instrument… Well, we have a way to make that easier for you when your student is ready for the next step…. 
100% of Rental Trade In is applied toward a step-up or professional level instrument.*     *See store for details
Trade in options are available. However, before trading in your student instrument we recommend you consider the following:
In the best interest of the student, we do not recommend moving up to a Step-Up / Professional level instrument until late middle school.
We recommend that you keep your student instrument to use for Marching Band and Pep Band. Do you want the more expensive instrument in the bleachers and on the field during Marching Band or Pep Band? Keep your more expensive instrument nice!
Our Step-Up / Professional level instruments are priced well below competitors so when the time is right, to move up is affordable.
In some areas our rental instruments are considered Step-Up level instruments.
We do offer trade in options. We will apply 100% of rent paid toward the purchase of a Step-Up / Professional instrument.*

About Our Company
Founded by Music Educators, we have been family owned since 1983. REW Music is committed to making Music Education our #1 goal, offering a complete selection of name brand band and orchestra instruments along with the additional educational support and resources needed to provide your student with the best experience. 
Historically, we’re out on the road visiting schools weekly, bringing our services to you to help your student be successful.



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